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Get Started With Jiu Jitsu Alongside Other Beginners, In the Most Structured Way Possible.

Learn More in 5 Weeks Than Most Schools Will Teach You in 5 Months

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Course Starts Soon And It Includes:

  •  10 semi-private lessons structured by the Houston-area's top jiu jitsu teachers

  • a FREE Liberatus gi (uniform), belt, and team t-shirt

  • access to an HD recording of the course curriculum 

  • a certificate of completion

A value of $475 for just $200!


Class Times

Tuesday and Thursday
11:00 am  - 
or -  7:00 pm

Ages 13+




Select an Orientation Time By Filling Out This Form


No Obligation

After the 5 weeks is over, there's no obligation to become a member. So no matter if you want to end your journey there, or even start with a different school, our goal is to send you off with a good base of self-defense and understanding of the basics of jiu jitsu.


Form New Friendships

Everyone else taking this course will be a brand new beginner, just like you! It's the perfect space to build new and lasting friendship.


Get Better, Faster

This course is designed to help you get better, faster, by giving semi-private instruction with techniques focused on the basics of jiu jitsu, giving you a firm foundation to learn more complex techniques. Opposed to most other schools just throw you into programs designed for those with more experience.

What Do Those That Came Before You Have To Say?

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