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code of conduct

Liberatus Jiu Jitsu is a family environment, please be respectful to each other and our instructors at all times.

We do not support the use of foul language or behavior.

Please do not leave young children unattended.

A shirt or rash guard is to be worn at all times inside the academy.

Outside coaching is not permitted. This includes coaching from the side of the mat. Students who are attending class should help each other, but focus on training. 

Please come to class prepared with clean training gear and a good attitude.


Keep nails neatly trimmed. Refrain from training when you're sick or injured. Please be sure to keep open wounds securely bandaged.

Keep feet clean. Dirty feet are not acceptable on the training area. We provide wipes on either side of the mat for use if needed.

Make sure to keep your belt and stripes on at all times. After a roll, retie your belt and get ready for the next round.

Shoes should be worn at all times when you're off the mat. Shoes, food and drink are not permitted on the mat.

We highly suggest you remove all body piercings or jewelry during training sessions for your safety.

Electronic Devices are not permitted on the mat during training sessions unless permitted by class instructor.

If late to class, please sit or stand to the side of the training area until you are welcomed onto the mat by an instructor.

Please address all black belt instructors as Professor and non-black belts as coach.

Please ask the instructor for permission before leaving the mat area.

Keep walking areas clear, bags and backpacks are to be kept in the locker rooms or in the cubbies by the mat.

During instruction please sit or stand in good posture. Talking should be kept at a minimum and relate to class material.

Know your limits, work together, and have fun!

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