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Coach Kellsey

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Kellsey started training in jiu jitsu in May 2016 in Stafford, VA where she received her blue belt. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Illustration in December 2018, Kellsey moved to Houston, Texas. She began training at Revolution Dojo and was promoted to purple belt in December 2020. She was then promoted to brown belt by Professor Johnny in November 2022.


When she’s not on the mats, Kellsey designs graphics for her apparel business Grow, creates YouTube videos and does freelance artwork, including portraits, illustrations and logo designs. 


Kellsey is now an assistant coach for kids classes and the beginners class coach at Liberatus Jiu Jitsu. She has participated in local tournaments, superfights and International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation competitions. 


Kellsey is excited to continue challenging herself and competing at the brown belt level. She is also available for private lessons for kids and adults.

Want to learn from Coach Kellsey?



Kellsey also teaches and assists with several of our classes! 

Connect with Coach Kellsey

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